There are numerous blink forums out there (blinkdisasters, blink-182online, blink's official message board, etc.) and most of them have about the same number of active members as we do. I was wondering if merger with another forum like that would be an option, or if not, we really should consider promoting this site.

Our number of active members is shrinking and I really don't want this place to wither away because blink is being unproductive. I really would like some more people that would post in more than just the blink topics. I often feel like the Banana Stand and other non-blink topics are invisible to new people that join. Just because we don't have any blink news to talk about, doesn't mean we have other things to discuss.

Obviously, people are back in school and are busy but I really don't want this site to die.

Re: Merger/Promotion

^ neither do I.

I presume a merger is out of the question. it's a lot of work, for a start and it would have to be started by Kieran or Justin both of which have a lot more important stuff to deal with. also, getting another forum to agree with it would be another issue and it could easily lead to a lot of fights or tensions, you know, old boards vs each other in one domain. it'd end up like every other forum where certain members would stick together, an elitest higherarchy would form and members would run away.

Promotion wise the only way I can think of us getting members would be if we came up higher on a Google search. because promoting on other boards usually gets met with either bans or eye rolls or aggression. and where else would we promote?

it's a difficult situation. and I'm not sure of any solution except for spamming which hasn't really been that successful in the past.

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