Re: Forum Banner

It's not a big deal.

It's just..we already have a search button. Why is there another one? And why put it over the banner of all places? It doesnt make any sense :p
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Re: Forum Banner

justin wrote:
Tyler wrote:Where'd the menu bar go? haha. I needed to use it for the first time everr

it was a pain in the arse. what did you need it for?

Dw lol I just wanted to check out Tom's interview on the front page, so it took me like .5 of a second longer to type the home address into the address bar instead. Not a problem!

Re: Forum Banner

KayTheMagnificent wrote:Heres a really pointless question, in regards to the new forum graphic, if you've posted banners previously without 'the forum' part on it, does it matter if it was posted before or after the graphic was changed?

I'm aware this is badly phrased and really stupid but hey, that's me.

For example, the banners you did that are in the dropbox folder that don't have the "the forum" text?

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