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WelshCake wrote:I keep getting these errors - Fatal error: The file ./styles/prosilver_se/template/bbcode.html is missing. in /home/the182online/ on line 150

What were you doing when this occurred?

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I think when someone posts a new post in the announcements stuff, like the changes topic, it has the new post blue icon on the wrong section. Like just before, coffee shampoo posted in the changes topic, and the blink section went blue, and I had read all the posts in the blink area already so it must've gone blue because of the post in the other one. Just wondering if it should light up on the announcements section instead?

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Yeah suppose it makes sense but it's kinda weird. Maybe the announcements section should be on it's own at the top where the "update information" is atm, unless you're getting rid of that after this layout and stuff is no longer new.

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Just got these

Code: Select all

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND in /home/the182online/ on line 428

Warning: Unterminated comment starting line 1314 in /home/the182online/ on line 1314

Fatal error: fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed in /home/the182online/ on line 1314

Dang, forgot a code... Basically like 428 but it was a 6-- type code?

428 while trying to post this
Thanks Kay.

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Not sure if these are just my browser fucking up or something, but the quick reply button won't load for ages but only in topics in this section. And before I edited one of my posts and it posted a copy of it with the edited part as well as leaving the old one there.

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It's acting back up for me again! :O Sorry for any trouble I've been being with posting these error reports haha.

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Re: Bug Reports

Tyler wrote:edit: it decided to work again! But (for me) the banner home button is only half the picture

I'm trying to find a way to make it the whole banner. when i added the menu it split the banner up.

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