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MH8.2.2011 wrote:I recently listened to the album in its entirely. And overall it really was great. I remember liking +44 more then Anything AVA had out as a whole at the time. But looking back, re-listening to it all. There were a few to many filler songs. While most of the album is damn good, I feel like little death, despite having such an amazing and fun to play opening is quickly forgettable. 155 and Lillian never really held any long lasting value. When they come on during. shuffle I actually most of the time just skip them. And this maybe blasphemous around here but to me the best part of chapter 13 is the lyrics. Instrumentally the song just starts no where and goes no where. Its not a rockout song, its not even a catchy song. Does it have a deeper meaning yes , are they colorful lyrics yes. But its better to me as a poem or a short story then a song. And calling song 12 chapter 13 !??!! #OCDRANT.

But overall I love that album, and still look back and wonder why we didn't get anymore. It was so good. It was so fresh. It had meaning. Its hard to believe Mark only had one album in him.

Lillian is one of my favorites! And the instruments of Chapter XIII are one of my favorite things about it... I think its insanely catchy.

Cliff Diving i really dig cause of the drums!

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Re: (+44) General Discussion Thread

I'm truly curious if they will ever consider doing a reunion tour. Maybe with Cobra Starship. (I still love watching the female backup from CS duet with Mark on that).

I really like to see it, if not only because the first and only time I "saw" them I spent 90% of the show at a merch booth. (I tell myself it was the best t-shirt I ever bought). If they did just a small set at smaller venues like blink did with ADTR. That be just awesome. While Mark couldn't logically play blink covers im sure they could pad the set with some unreleased songs . Which im sure they have... Or something...

Hell I'd still pay up 40 bucks to watch them just play the 12 songs...

Speaking of, anyone know of any leaked un-released songs from WYHSB? (im on a +44 kick... )

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Re: (+44) General Discussion Thread

I don't ever see a reunion tour happening tbh. As much as I like most of +44's stuff, it wasn't a very (commercially) successful band. Considering everything comes down to money, a tour wouldn't make much sense if it's not lucrative, especially while blink is still there to pay the bills. And let's be fair, does +44 really need a reunion? Wouldn't a couple of covers during blink shows be enough? Prolly easy for me to say, 'cause I saw them live :grin:

Re: (+44) General Discussion Thread

Wow ya know I never knew until just now that I saw +44's last show. Pretty neat I guess. They did Dammit which made me really happy to hear Mark on the chorus like on the recording. That was an awesome show with tons of great bands. I remember rocking out for Panic! at the Disco when they were touring their first album (which I was obsessed with) and freaking the fuck out when Head Automatica played I Shot William H. Macy.

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