Indefinite Hiatus

Hello all,

due to the lack of activity on this forum over the last couple of years and the waning ability to dedicate time to the forum from the last remaining staff, we have had to put the forum on an indefinite hiatus.

Yeah, you all know what that means by now.

The 'official' closure can only be done by people who don't really visit, and truthfully I kind of hope that day never comes because I personally have a lot of memories here, and I'm sure some of you will occasionally pop by to look through old threads and remember old times.

Unfortunately there just isn't enough of us left to keep this place afloat, but the team at 182online have greatly appreciated any time you've spent with us, from the excitement of the reunion, to the confusion over the bands state, to the sadness, anger and let's be honest - amusement - over Tom's depature, and the contentious issue of the continuation of blink-182 with Skiba and the F word.

I will be keeping the 182online facebook 'group' live for those who want to keep in contact, it isn't really active but if anyone feels like keeping discussions going that probably makes the most sense.

Personally, I just want to thank you all, this place has meant a lot to me over the years. There were some very dark times where I turned to the forum for solace and guidance, you were all the friends I struggled to make and maintain in real life. I will miss you all terribly, and if anyone wants to stay in touch you can PM me to get facebook deets.

Thank you for all the small things.

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Re: Indefinite Hiatus

I'm sorry to hear that this forum has gone inactive, I don't come around much because I dislike the new line up, the only one I follow nowadays is Tom.

I wish you a great life and thank you for being a part of these forums and for letting me be a part of it too, I joined about 5 or 6 years ago and reading this website was my source of news, takes me back to the time when 'Up All Night' was released and reading the discussions :) Neighborhoods was such a good album (with shortcomings too).

Thank you for your posts, Kay. Yours were the ones I enjoyed reading the most, especially the reviews!

Anyone's got a Twitter account where I could follow you? Mine is @coffeeshampoo although it's mostly in Spanish with occasional English tweets.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Indefinite Hiatus

I've enjoyed you all more than much of the music we got, some golden memories from here I'll keep close. Wishing everyone the best, this place was one hell of a party.

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And I'm still holding out hope for that +44 reunion :headlikeafuckingorange:

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Elevator wrote:But hey, pardon me for trying to be objective here. Maybe I should just say "Fuck Tom, he's dead to me, burn his ashes and piss on his grave for ever existing."

Elevator wrote:Haha yeah, fuck Tom! What a pompous shithead.

Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

Elevator wrote:Yeah, I hope Tom dies and stuff for breaking up that band I like.

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