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Re: Polls are down

yeah, i tried to make a poll a while ago and it did this..the options are messed up too. its been messed up for a couple weeks

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Elevator wrote:But hey, pardon me for trying to be objective here. Maybe I should just say "Fuck Tom, he's dead to me, burn his ashes and piss on his grave for ever existing."

Elevator wrote:Haha yeah, fuck Tom! What a pompous shithead.

Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

Elevator wrote:Yeah, I hope Tom dies and stuff for breaking up that band I like.

Re: Polls are down

the problems seems to lie in the theme we are using. the theme isn't 100% compatible with the current release of phpbb3. my only guess is the reason they worked before was because i was about 8 months behind in updating phpbb3.

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