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A couple of other sites I've been apart of have done something like this. Basically the admin team picks a member on the site who is active and contributes well written posts to the forum and names them "Member of the Moment." They then have an interview of some sort to allow other members to get to know the poster better. Just a thought, here is an example: ... rkymp.html

I don't know if this a type of things you guys wanna do, but just a suggestion.

8/12/09 Hershey, PA
8/29/09 Hartford, CT
8/6/11 Wantagh, NY
8/13/11 Hershey, PA


Re: Member of the Month/Moment

KayTheMagnificent wrote:I dunno, it seems a bit pointless. just ego polishing, plus people would get over looked (like me omg my self esteem is shit) and no matter how carefully/nicely done it is some might be irked about it. doesn't seem fair as well, because someone will definitely be like "zomg favoritism"

haha. this.

everyone who doesn't win would be like, shitsucks!

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Re: Member of the Month/Moment


but then again, it doesn't matter what i say. :(

Spoiler: show
Elevator wrote:But hey, pardon me for trying to be objective here. Maybe I should just say "Fuck Tom, he's dead to me, burn his ashes and piss on his grave for ever existing."

Elevator wrote:Haha yeah, fuck Tom! What a pompous shithead.

Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

Elevator wrote:Yeah, I hope Tom dies and stuff for breaking up that band I like.

Re: Member of the Month/Moment

Henry wrote:
frisky wrote:
El Duderino wrote:you have got to be shitting me? that is one of the worst movies ever.

I thought it was hilarious, I love Dax Shepard and Dane Cook.

yeah, although I'm not a big fan of dane cook.

me either. meh.

dax is funny though. well. can be.

i didn't like the movie either.

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