Green Day Topics?

I know this sound absurd but can we maybe make it against the rules to post anything Green Day related on the forum, seriously whenever Green Day is brought up a 3-4 page pointless argument ensues. I know it is a crazy thought, but the arguments are getting old.

Re: Green Day Topics?

im in for alyssa's dictator plans

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Elevator wrote:But hey, pardon me for trying to be objective here. Maybe I should just say "Fuck Tom, he's dead to me, burn his ashes and piss on his grave for ever existing."

Elevator wrote:Haha yeah, fuck Tom! What a pompous shithead.

Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

Elevator wrote:Yeah, I hope Tom dies and stuff for breaking up that band I like.

Re: Green Day Topics?

MySummerJob wrote:
c_ortiz93 wrote:but i love green day..... :oops:

If you want to talk about Green Day, go to a Green Day fansite?

i'm not saying i wanna talk about green day, i'm just saying i don't wanna get in trouble for talking about my favorite band 2nd to blink.

Re: Green Day Topics?

I was pointed to this topic by a moderator on this website. I'd like to agree that this rule actually is absurd, and should not be put in to effect.

The "Other Bands" section is a place to talk about other bands. You should be able to talk about the bands you enjoy freely, without expecting a lock on the topic simply because people disagree about these bands. There is no band that an entire world can unanimously agree is the "best band ever". Obviously, we will always have someone who isn't a huge fan... which is why there's always room for debate.

A lot of times these "arguments" that people are talking about, are really meant as debates between why a band is amazing, and why a band isn't so amazing. At the end of the day, the only thing you can really accomplish is to feel like maybe the opposing view opened their eyes just a bit and took in what you said. That is what I would love to accomplish when discussing my reasoning for disliking an album, or for loving an album.

This is why I'm not a huge fan of locking threads in this section so fast. If arguments get too out of hand, warn people and tell them that the argument is too out of hand... don't just lock a topic and ruin an entire thread because a couple of people can't keep themselves from going insane.
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Re: Green Day Topics?

The people arguing stupidly should be punished.
Not the people talking about Green Day.......unless they're being stupid.....

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