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KayTheMagnificent wrote:difficult over the internet but rad nonetheless. if I did an acoustic recording to a click and sent it to a drummer maybe? that'd be cool.

exactly... actully.. youd HAVE to do it to a click.. well, not really. if the other person knows the song well enough they could follow. but still. very smart to do a click.

lol. Kay on Guitar, another person on drums, another on bass, and 2 others singing = BOMB!

and, everyone would have to go into a studio.
or have a really good recording program,

it would suck to have a fuzzing sound in someones recording

I Had That Dream, About You Again,
Where You Drive My Car, Right Off A Fucking Cliff

Re: Media/Covers section

artoonie wrote:
bockscar wrote:depends, lol unless you could pull it off..

which would be awesome..

i REALLY hope the admins/owner does this@!

It'd be much easier to just do one song at a time. We can start it off as a topic listing covers and if it's good, the admins will think about making it official.

that'd be cool.

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